Timi Tamminen Releases New Album Titled 'Timi Alexander'

Finnish singer, producer and instrumentalist Timi Tamminen has written his first self titled solo album, Which has proven to be a work of art in all aspects of the album.

Timi, who is currently living in London, England, took influence from the 90's alternative rock and hip hop production and incorporated it into his work. He has experimented and found that this combination works well for him, so we can expect to hear this combination in future projects and releases.

In the album, the leading single 'The Ballad Of A Keg Heart', is highly emotional yet elegant in it's composition. The track showcases the singer's full spectrum of tones, the voice can be fairly soft and heartfelt.

The album consist of ten tracks, two of which are skits composed by the artist. Overall this album is outstanding and has something for all music lovers. From the hip hop enthusiast and alternative rock lovers to those who enjoy soulful and calm voices, this album delivers and you wont be disappointed with Tamminen's unique talent.

Listen to the album here (Spotify) - https://open.spotify.com/album/4ys9BjTqYEcplBhKgjH3rA#_=_

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