Untitled Art Release Three Fresh New Tracks

Electric Rock/Alternative And EDM duo, 'Untitled Art' have released three new tracks titled, 'Philly To Long Branch Part 2', 'A Fighters Heart Part 2' and 'Disintegration (Cure Cover)'. The tracks explore chaos and loudness, and thats what makes the tracks so great.

All the tracks explore elements of rock, yet the dance genre is also incorperated to create some awesome tracks. Filled with chaos, grooving beats and adaptive vocals, these tracks open a whole new world of music for the listener.

The tracks have a particular style that is unique and can only really be found in this instence. Untitled Art have experimented with music, and their end result is a innovative new sound, that is unheard of, but works so well.

Accompanying the tracks is a visual released on Untitled Art's youtube channel. The visuals fit well with the style and type of music Untitled Art provides.

Untitled Art have done a tremendous job composing and experimenting with new styles of music and therefore, these hardworking and dedicated artist deserve your listen, so they can share their talent with the world.