Skriptz Releases New Album, 'Bollyhood'

The rapper Skriptz, known for tracks such as Paradox and Abundance, has released a new album titled 'Bollyhood'.

The hip hop album is twenty tracks long and features other artist such as Elijah, Rohan, Kelly B and Kid Flo.

The bass and rhythm with a combination of the rappers vocals make for a great collection of songs and a great album overall. All the tracks on the album are of high quality and thoughtful lyrics.

The personal favourite track on the album Bollyhood is the 7th track Paradox. The combination of the flute, bass and vocals give you a sense on whats more to expect in the album. If you are to listen to only one track from this album, I recommend you listen to Paradox, as you'll instantly fall in love.

Skriptz is a lyrical and musical genius, who is wanting to share his talent with a bigger community, and get his message out there.

The rapper is full of potential and has so much more projects on the way, we are personally excited to see where Skriptz career takes him.

Don't pass up on this one of a kind album, the album as so much to deliever and does to an exceptional state.

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