Miftah Bravenda Releases New Track Titled "Sonder Asa"

Miftah Bravenda is a musician and sound engineer from Serang, Banten - Indonesia whose electronic music is inspired by his anxiety he feels from his bedroom. He offers a simple sounding tune with an exciting touch that he got from his influence. MONO, The Trees and The Wild, Man Without Country and Secular Ghost are among the names of his favorite musicians. He produces his music from his own lab that is called “Are You High? Soundlab”. His sounds are more inclined towards ambient with moods being build up throughout the tracks. Bedroom musician as well as Producer Miftah Bravenda proudly presents his latest single, Sonder Asa. The use of “Sonder Asa” (in english means No Hope) as the title is not without reason. Miftah Bravenda wants an intense word to describe how people should reflect a sense of hopelessness, sense of loss, and how hard the process of change is.

The track starts off as a singular layer with it's unique melody, then the bass and more personality kick in and as a listener I am fully involved in were the instrumental will take me. The track is unique and unlike anything you've heard before. It is worth listening to, Word's cant simply describe the complexity and vibe this track has to offer.

You can listen to his new track "Sonder Asa" here: