King Cavalli Releases A New Track Titled "4am"

Leonardo Cavalli aka King Cavalli is an author/singer and love and life coach. He has recently released his second single 4am, off his upcoming EP, Oceans Of Emotions.

His book is entitled 24 & Divorced and the songs from “Ocean of Emotions” go along with his book.

King Cavalli's dedicated fans can really tell that these songs are real and what inspired them as they read the book. This Book is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and kindle.

The heartfelt and meaningful track has a lot of soul and truthfulness to it, and is the reason why the composition is unique and beautiful.

Along with this beautiful track comes an aesthetically pleasing music video which fits in so well with the track.

Be sure to listen to Ocean Of Emotions when the EP is released by following King Cavalli on SoundCloud.