LoFi Chill Releases New Album "Isolation"

Lofi Chill is a U.S based music producer, well known on the internet for his chilled out vibes and style. Isolation is LoFi Chill's fourth album release, the album presents themes of disconnection while living in heavily populated urbanized areas.

The total run-time of the album just tops 20 minutes, and every beat, hit and second is chilled out and enjoyable. The elegant sound is a blessing to listen to and to groove to.

There are 8 tracks on the album:

- Don't Care

- Some Love

- Change Of Heart

- You & Me

- Can't Feel

- Don't Go Changing

- Something Out There

- I Don't Want To Let Go

I highly recommend you listen to this blessing of an album, whenever you feel like you need some non intense tracks to vibe to.

You can stream and purchase the tracks here:


LoFi Chill Social Media- http://LoFiChill.com http://SoundCloud.com/LoFiChill https://www.youtube.com/LoFiChill