Gibrilville Releases New EP, "Black Cadillac Season 2"

African-pop artist, Gibrilville has released his new 6 track long EP, Black Cadillac Season 2. The world EP is uplifting and a blessing to listen to.

The track list is as follows:

1) Jessica

2) Follow The Line

3) Girl of my dreams

4) Love Me Tonight

5) Or Be Done With It

6) Just Like You

The EP starts off uplifting with a song about a girl , Jessica, this then changes pace in the songs to come and the romanticized lyrics become more apparent and fit into the theme of a love story.

The EP is a stoke of genius, the composition, minimal explicated lyrics create a vivid theme of love.

Gibrilville has recieved a lot of attention for this project, with his single, Love Me Tonight, supassing 290,000 listens.

Listen here: