XXXTentacion Jailed on New Charges of Harassing Witness

Jahseh Onfroy or best known by XXXTentacion has not always been at one with the law. We have covered the rapper ever since his career took off while he was behind bars for Robbery and Aggravated Battery With A Deadly Weapon in Orange County, FL.  Court Case: 1609488

When X was behind bars, a wave of attention was brought to the rapper and his Sound-cloud account. The rapper was receiving attention and his music was well liked by the underground community. The track that really took off was "Look At Me" surpassing 100 million listens. The track consisted of a distorted beat and vulgar lyrics, and that's what made people fall in love with his music. His no f's given attitude was unique and he didn't follow any rules when making music. A movement was founded to 'Free X' on social media. On March 30, the rapper was released on probation for his robbery case but he still faces domestic violence charges. The rapper continued on to release a more sincere and forgiving project titled "17" which debuted at #2 on the billboard 100. If you compare this album to his older work, you can see an obvious change of pace and emotion in his work.  We covered X on Fresh Out Of The Booth while he was out of jail and heavily promoted his mix tapes, one of which was titled "Free X" but was taken off Spotify for a yet unknown reason to us. Today, the rapper has been held in custody for his previous domestic charges in the court case 1609488, along with seven new felonies including charges of witness tampering (18 U.S. Code § 1512) and witness harassment directed at the ex-girlfriend he’s accused of assaulting. The rapper surrendered to authorities Friday morning in Miami, was sent immediately to jail and is being held without bail. He faces “decades” in prison if convicted, reports say. He has pleaded not guilty on all charges and has denied the domestic violence charges. He has not been granted bail due to the severity and quantity of charges made against him. The prosecution believes the 19-year-old may have forced his ex-girlfriend into signing a legal document that would result in the charges being dropped after she refused to cooperate with law enforcement. TMZ says the Florida rapper will remain behind bars until trial and could be looking at more than 10 years in prison if convicted on the new charges. We however personally believe it won't be that long, as all eyes are on XXXtentacion as he hasn't received this much publicity since he was discovered while behind bars. Fresh Out Of The Booth has reached out to XXXTentacion's management for further comment on the situation.