CeeJai Giovanni Releases New Album "Makings Of A Monster II"

Virginia native CeeJai Giovanni has released his latest mixtape "Makings of a Monster 2" onto Bandcamp. Packed with 15 bangers, a wide array of flows and impressive lyrical versatility, this tape is a must hear.

CeeJai Giovanni has been buzzing in the underground LGBT Hip Hop scene since his first tape dropped in 2012. His lastest work continues his legacy and rap career. As he continues to reach new heights in his career, CeeJai Giovanni is finding new ways and techniques to perfect his flow and lyrics.

Gay rap is making a more frequent appearance in rap nowadays, and CeeJai Giovanni has been dropping tapes since 2012. His style is found to be seen as underground with themes of LGBT which makes for a new and unheard of combination. Ceejai is talented and is experimenting with new techniques to sound different and to create his own style. Ceejai will continue to dominate in his career has he releases more mix-tapes and gains more attention for his uniquness and attention to detail while creating music.

Download the new mixtape in high quality audio for free at cockaveli.bandcamp.com