David Vaters "A Voice In The Wilderness Vol. 2"

David Vaters: Artist Spotlight

David Vaters is a country singer/songwriter, and with the release of his new album “A Voice In The Wilderness Vol. 2”, he is growing as a musician and as a person as he pursues his music career.

His new album has ten tracks, the last track being a soothing instrumental. David executes his songs with perfection and care. Each and every one of his tracks are delicate, graceful and mastered to perfection.

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I especially love the gracefulness and godliness of the last track “Talking To God”. The sacred track is a tribute and a beautiful track overall. It showcases the talent of David Vaters.

David Vaters has also composed a music video for his track “Forgive”. The video is simple yet artistic enough to tell the narrative Vaters communicates through his song.

All in all, David Vaters is an artist that deserves your listen, as he has a promising future and showcases his unique talents in his new projects.