Geovauni X - Artist Spotlight

Rapper Geovauni X has released a few songs and really showcased his talent recently. His albums Victim and Overflow showcase his abilities and talent as an artist and how he can execute a track so perfectly.

His Album Victim, was released on October 15 in 2017. The album consist of six tracks:

  1. Consumed

  2. Lonely Room

  3. Love Hate

  4. Endling

  5. Mastermind

  6. Burned Floor

The album starts off with a strong firm flow and draws you into the album and you just can’t stop listening. The whole album is constructed perfectly, even as a debut album. The drums and kicks really vibe with the lyrics and amplify the meaning of the song.

Following Victim Is his 2018 album Overflow. This album has eleven tracks:

1. Blood

2. Good Smoke

3. To The Face

4. Careless

5. Can’t Love

6. Queen

7. Change

8. Grind

9. Tell Me

10. Studio

11. Lifted

This album continues the legacy that was started in Victim, and features artist such as D3, Like Nineties and Corro.

The collection of beats creates for an album full of head bopping, and fresh fire tracks that anyone can vibe to.

Geovauni also released a new track titled Out Of Love on his YouTube, which takes more of a slower pace to begin with, but X’s iconic flow kicks in and ignites the track.

This artist has so much potential and talent that needs to be discovered from the music industry. You will not be let down with what Geovauni X has to provide.

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