Mike Ray Releases New Fire Album “WHXTE”

Poland born, Coventry raised Mike Ray is back at it again, this time with a brand new album titled “WHXTE”, consisting of 15 tracks. Mike Ray favours the RnB genre, a mix of trap and soul.

The album was released on December 29, and was distributed to online stores.

The album starts off with that iconic trap soul sound, then Mike jumps into the track and you are introduced to the world and music world of Mike Ray.

Followed by the opening track is a skit. Mike likes the inclusion of skits in his album, he includes 4 skits in this album.

The album is truly something you have to listen to, to be able to experience the clean and soulful composition. The entire album is full of trap sounds and rnb vocals. A personal favorite of the collection of masterpieces is "Pt 2". The soothing vocals over the hitting beat feel modern and catchy.

Another great soothing track is "Hypnotise", Mike Ray's vocals are consistent and follow an easy listening pattern for the listener to flow with. His vocals are heavenly and is inspired by elements of rap.

The album then finishes off with a bang. “Out Of Town” featuring Xander, B-Kxne and Lecs Blvck. The track was released prior to the album to promote Mike’s upcoming projects. It even has a music video.

Mike Ray's most successful single is Bethany and is rapidly gaining listens on Spotify everyday. The single version of the song doesn't have the skit, and just focuses on the core principals of the song. It is currently sitting at 13,000+ listens. The track has a great relaxing vibe it, the beat is very ambient and atmospheric which sets the mood perfectly for Ray’s auto tuned melodies. The very strong hook line will sure have people rocking their heads and singing it back in no time “Got me taking L’s when I want to hit up...”

The album is worth listening to and you can listen to it right here:

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You can connect with him on Instagram @mikeraymusic and Twitter @mikeraymusic1