Scott Zartman Releases A New Album Titled “Open To Suggestion”

Indie favoured and praised artist, Scott Zartman, has released a magical new album, Jam-packed with seventeen graceful tracks. This album is titled “Open To Suggestion”. The album is a retro 70s and 80s feel with pop and rock harmony and influences of modern world music. The album came out on December 8 of last year.

The album is filled with seventeen tracks, and features artist Martin Moxness on the track “Rock N Roll Forever”. In the song, Martin really showcases his amazing six string talent on guitar. Scott co-wrote the track with Martin two years ago and is featured as the last song on the record. The album has a smooth transition from indie to rock on this great song.

On this album, Zartman pays tribute to a musical inspiration in his track “Ships”, as he covers the song originally created by British singer-songwriter Ian Hunter (The lead singer from the English rock band Mott The Hoople). The song was dedicated to the memory of Zartman's father.

Zartman wants to openly mention that three songs from his album have gay themes. The songs are "Anywhere With Him", "In My Direction" and "When Blue and Brown Eyes Met".

All other tracks on the record were written by Zartman. Each song has meaning and morals catered to an easy listening music experience (due to the fact that Zartman has a voice from heaven and the instruments are played with care). Zartman credits his songwriting style based upon the Beatles.

This album is one you need to hear for yourself, and you can do so by supporting the artist on bandcamp or his soundcloud.