Celeste Buckingham Releases New Album “Bare”

Celeste Buckingham is a European singer-songwriter, who just released her 10 track pop album titled Bare.

The album is packed with radio-play type produced tracks with clarity within Celeste’s vocals and a bouncy bass and melodies that’ll be stuck in your head for weeks, and you’ll find yourself singing along to the tracks even when you don't realize. The album starts out with a bang. Paradise opens the album, and the atmospheric feel and the strong vocals draw you in. You find needing to continue the album and listening to more of this phenomenal artist. Addict continues the vibe, the first 8 bars are full of bass and the sound of the future, you are instantly hyped for what is about to come. The beyond talented Celeste Buckingham then breaks into a rap, with an out of this world flow. You will be shocked with what this young artist can accomplish. Halfway through the album, we are blessed with the track Rose, the track changes pace and is a lot slower. The vocals sound so blessed and Rose is a beautiful track overall. Go Away is the track to proceed Rose and it rapidly contrasts the previous track. The placement of the tracks is perfect on this album. The track finishes on a soft note, with Time Is Ours concluding the album together, with Celeste’s heavenly and soft vocals. This album is beyond worth listening to, everything about the album has been mastered and perfected to create a beautiful composition. Bare by Celeste Buckingham is a one of a kind album you need to listen to today!