King Solomon Releases A New Album Titled “Illuminate the Dark”

King Solomon has released a new album titled Illuminate The Dark, a vivid and inspirational album featuring artists Jay Singh, Truthz, Moyege, Anjee and Ërin Hebrews. The album was recently released on multiple streaming platforms and has already received a great amount of feedback. The album is a chronicle of the journey of a struggling Christian in what is at times a brutally honest look at faith

The album starts with a graceful song which begins our journey back from a prodigal lifestyle. The track shares the name of the album, Illuminate the Dark. This track opens up the album and sets the theme for the album. It is graceful and a great composition that showcases King Solomon’s talents. This track also features Jay Singh. Altar Call then follows the opening track, an emotional track where you can hear and feel the emotion in King Solomon’s voice. The track is beautiful to listen to and truly brings a tear to the eye. Yahweh then contrasts the previous track, with a more uplifting beat and tempo. The track also features the talented Truthz and stunning voice of Moyege. My personal favourite on the album is Lullaby, it’s the 6th track on the blessed album, and starts of with layering of graceful vocals. Anjee’s voice blesses the track and makes for a great combination with the vocals King Solomon provides. Sinking too is also a great track which features the talented Ërin Hebrews. The track continues the theme of starting off slowly but continues on to be a great track with the perfect alignment and layering of voices.

The album finishes off with the tack, A Love Song, a tribute to his love and a song where we see King Solomon’s full potential as an artist and his blessed voice.

This album is packed with talent, dynamic voice ranges and styles, clarity and honesty. This album is the album to play late at night or to just vibe to whenever you feel in the mood for it. I strongly recommend you go listen to this album. The links are provided here: