Shashee Releases A New Single Titled "Family Straight" Featuring Kxng Davxd

Shashee has teamed up with Kxng Davxd and producer Kidocean to release a new track titled Family Straight.

Kxng Davixd's verses are full of flow and strength. Shashee's hook makes the track catchy and easy to listen to. Her verse is also a great addition to the track. It adds more to the track, to make it sound more full and complete.

The track exceeds beyond listner's expectations and you can really vibe with it as well. You can listen to this flow-ful and vivid track here:

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We can expect more from Shashee in the future, she has a lot pf potential and we personally can't wait to her more music from her and Kxng Davxd.