Alec Wigdahl Releases New EP Titled "On My Mind"

16 year old singer-songwriter Alec Wigdahl from Minneapolis has a passion for music. Strive and motivation that lets him work endlessly on new projects and create music. The latest project Wigdahl is an EP, On My Mind. The EP is five tracks long.

The opening track is the most popular of the EP, Let Me Love You, is an acoustic and vocal track that sets the theme and the mood of the EP. It's a love song with the magical combination of strings played from heaven and Alec's talented and soulful vocals.

The following track, See Another Love, continues the theme started in the previous track. Kinda Like You and Green Eyes add to the love story narrative that Alec tells. The EP is vivid in its meanings and moods thanks to the vocals Alec adds on to.

The EP finishes off with Moments, where we experience Alec's talent in a wide variety. Overall, the album is great to listen to when you need something soft and easy to listen to. On My Mind helps you escape reality and the world's problems for 21 minutes, and let's you just vibe to the soulful tracks.

You can stream/purchase Alec Wigdahl's On My Mind EP here: iTunes - Apple Music - Spotify