Shawn Michael Releases New Club Banger "Party2Nite"

Life is a funny thing. Everyday is filled with its ups and downs: stress at the office, a long line at the bank, traffic jams, parking tickets, paying bills, etc. Most of us just can't wait 'til Friday to throw on that new outfit, hit the club, and turn.up to the max!

Now, the party can be every night with “Party2Nite” which was recently released by thriving hip hop/pop recording artist, Shawn Michael. “Party2Nite” is the ultimate club banger!

It is a refreshing dance song designed to get the club moving. The fun, uptempo, Westcoast vibe is reminiscent of Chris Brown's “Loyal” or Kid Ink's “Main Chick”. This is a standout single from “Resurrection”. Over the years, Shawn Michael has proven himself to be a highly versatile artist with an unique sound.

The club anthem gets any crowd on its feet and grooving to the tunes. Shawn Michael's has done an outstanding job and an excellent effort with this track.

You can listen to the track here:

Follow Shawn Michael's growing movement as he sets out to do the impossible and listen to “Party2Nite” today!

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