Straw Releases A New Mixtape "snooze"

Straw is one of the most underrated and most creative rappers of our time. He has released a new mixtape titled snooze, the mixtape takes a deep dive into depression and addiction as he finds himself and his style in music. This mixtape is simply put, unique, and not what you expect from rap.

The mixtape consist of 8 tracks, I Need Dat, All Of The Artists Are Dead, Live Your Life, Dont Be Basic, Stunt, Go Fast, Goyard Wank & Demon.

I Need Dat draws you in as it talks about the theme of drugs, money and sex. A reoccurring theme normally found in rap. What is ironic is that Straw originally told us that he hated rap. He said to Fresh Out Of The Booth, "I used to hate rap. I would hear hip hop on the radio and immediately associate it with "thug" or "gangster" music. In fact, I would so quickly disregard this genre of music that I never really took the time to listen to what was in these songs."

I need dat however sets up the theme of drug, sex and alcohol, but as you dive deeper into the mixtape, you unravel a narrative of a story of a rapper wrestling with depression, systematic abuse and injusticies in life.

Straw was stuggling with addiction and depression, but through music, he rediscovered hip-hop. Not just a genre, but a lifestyle he lives for. He turned his life around and gave back to music. He like to express feelings and himself in music and feels as if he has a lot too say.

His music is unique and he creates different flows and alter his voice to effectively make a one of a kind song, different from the crowd so he stands out.

This is most evident in my personal favourite song on the tape, Live Your Life, where he finds unique rhymes and flows to create an iconic song where you won't find anywhere else.

When talking to Straw, he stated to us, "I find that in today's field of music, it is often those who stand out and seem content with who they are as an artist that get catapulted into the main light. Fame, however, is not my goal when it comes to making music. I simply want to put my voice out there into the world. When I die, I want the songs I made to be a representation of who I was and who I wanted to be.". This perfectly sums up Straw's motive as an artist and who he is as a person. He is dedicated to his music, and he just wants to put his all into music, and make his music a representation of himself.

You need to listen to the Snooze mix-tape as soon as possible. You can listen here:

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