Why-Axis Releases A New Track & Music Video "A Downtown Girl"

20 year old Why-Axis, based in Dublin, Ireland, loves standing out of the crowd when it comes to making music. He adopts his own flow and lyric effects to make his music, his. He executes his style perfectly in his new track titled A Downtown Girl, which is also accompanied by an aesthetically pleasing music video.

Why-Axis adapts a unique flow and rap style when he recites his verses. His hook then picks up the tempo and transforms the song into a dance rhythm. This creates a refreshing new style, and it works really well for Why-Axis.

This music video was shot by ED DIDIT and he does an amazing job of capturing the essence and passion of this song. The video effects in addition to the cinematography add vibrancy and another layer of meaning to the track. You can watch the music video here:

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