"Shadowboxing" The Latest Single By ♬WET♥THIGH$♕ And ♅ GR∆V3☦ROBB∆ ♆

♬WET♥THIGH$♕ has teamed up with ♅ GR∆V3☦ROBB∆ ♆ to compose an intense new compositon titled "Shadowboxing".

The track is jam packed with elements and so many different layers and instruments to create a dark and twisted narrative that your imagination and intake of the song will create for you.

♅ GR∆V3☦ROBB∆ ♆ is no stranger to Fresh Out Of The Booth, the style is iconic and unique. The collaboration with ♬WET♥THIGH$♕ makes for an even more impactful and atmospheric one of a kind experience.

You don't need to be a dark music lover to have appreciation for the music composed by this duo. You can listen here and I strongly advise you too:

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