New Track Alert! PositiveEnergizingCrystalLights (V.I.P.)(Prod.JBeats) & A Vivid Music Video

JBando is back with a purpose and a mission of encouraging Positivity with his new #PositiveThinking campaign. Motivation, bringing out the best in yourself, and making a difference in the world, that is JBando’s goal. is an inspirational freestyle of JBando’s non-stop barrage of positivity that hits you right in the feels. He has released a new track titled, PositiveEnergizingCrystalLights which is a strong and overwhelmingly positive song to help spread the message of positivity.

JBando delivers a strong vocal game that features his renowned ability to spit rhymes without hesitation, and a nonchalant flow that brings on a chilled out feeling. This is music to help you get through the rough patches of life, as it encourages you to keep think positively, and keep a positive attitude.

Hot beats lace this track from beginning to end, keeping you locked in as JBando spits positivity into your brain. Listen to this music, feel the music, embrace the music, and let it empower you to go out and make a difference.

A hot video accompanies this track, and gives you a visual representation of the fun and joy that comes with thinking positively. The track and video combined has no choice but to make you feel good. From hot beats, smooth rhymes, and a killer video, You can watch this cinematic experience here:

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This is one of those tracks that everybody needs to hear, make sure you listen and capture the full experience with this beautiful and positive song.