UziiiSkyy Artist Spotlight

Nigerian Pop star UziiiSkyy has released three new tracks for our enjoyment. The tracks are Young Days, Don't Leave & Running. All three tracks amazingly enough being freestyles! Incredible!

Young Days:

The opening track, Young Days, is a stylish and vocally complex track. The track consist of sophisticated elements to entertain the the listener to a high level. It is a track that shows elegance and a great amount of skill.

Don't Leave:

Don't Leave shows an enormous amount of skill from this artist. Her heavenly vocals are executed so well on this track to express emotion and sadness. It fits well with the theme of the song, the whole composition it simply perfect.


The final track, Running, Is easily the most hardest track of all, with more of a rap vibe to the track. The track gives the vibe of seriousness and superiority over her haters. The track is great, and can really get a crowd hyped up.