J Bando Is Back With A Brand New Track "Positive Waves"

J Bando , commonly known for his hit PositivieEnergixingCrystalLights, Is back in the studio and he has released a new track titled Positive Waves.

J Bando is all about a positive mind-set and positive thinking. He loves to promote these morals in his music that he creates.

His latest track is wavy and easy to vibe with. The vocal's aren't harsh, they are easy to listen to and really take in the vibes.

J Bando says that, "With Positive Waves, I intend to do exactly this. Bringing out good in you and making a difference in the world we live in. We might have millions of reasons to be good to everyone! We have one good reason to be good everyone - and that is "we are humans". No one in this world is perfect, that is why we are here. Let us consider positive thinking as the breach to modify a lot of things around us. It doesn't take a superhero to save people around us, it just take you to be powerful enough to forgive and forget. This music is made with love for positive thinking that can do anything that is right 'in this very moment'". This quote goes to show what kind of an artist J Bando is, and his spiritual impact on his listeners.

You can listen to Positive Waves here: