Jay Ax Releases New Fire Album "Nobody Ax You"

Popular rapper Jay Ax has released a new album titled Nobody Ax You, a rap album filled with meaning, superiority and flow. The album features other artists such as Lot-a-Nerv, T.R, Neeche, Mikey, Vindetta, Nicky and JoJo.

The opening track, Pharaoh, has a catchy hook and sets up the album. It's a hard track that best portrays the artist and his aspirations. The beat as well as the flow on this track is superior.

Spread Love, featuring Lot-a-Nerv, starts off with a melodic start. Then, drums are introduced to make the track upbeat and get the crowd on the feet. The track is exciting and is an instant mood lifter.

Friend Zone takes more of a serious turn. You can hear the raw emotion in the hook sung by Jay Ax. The track designed to show loveless emotions is executed to perfection.

Cut from My Cloth showcases Jay Ax's fast flow and lyrical talents. The track also features T.R which also features on the following track, Nobody Ax You.

Boom Bap Rap features Neeche. In this track, you have to appreciate the flow and the raw emotion and dedication poured into this track, which praises the genre of Hip Hop.

Haitian Zoe is also a catchy track that can get a crowd on its feet. The track is considered a hype track with all the energy and vibes put into the track.

The album finishes off with the track, Winners Circle, which consist of the musical elements of energy, power, flow and lyrical stunts to best showcase Jay Ax's abilities and end the album off with a bang.

This album is phenomenal, and you should consider listening to it right away and supporting this artist. You can listen to the album here: