Author Jay Doubleu Releases New Track Titled “Daredevil” Featuring Amina

Author Jay Doubleu “The Musical Poetress”, is releasing her new track entitled, Daredevil. This track also features fellow newcomer and independent artist Amina.

AJD was born in Houston, TX, but is currently based in Seattle while performing her poetry all over the city. The new single, Daredevil, is going to be released on Valentine’s Day 2018 (2/14/18 )! The track however will be able to be listened and bought a week prior to the initial release, exclusively on ( listen to the track & buy exclusively @ 2/7/18 )

The Modern Day Maya Angelou, as some in the industry call her, takes on this track with a lot of swag and sass, while adding her strong and empowering vocals to this mix. She emphasizes her words so precisely, and that element of this musical composition makes it more than just a track. It makes this a composition a work of art. One of my favourite parts is the addition of counting from one to seven in the outro then repeating “I’ve gone through several” A very significant element and one of importance that relates to the track.

The beat of the track adds sass to the track and helps support the idea of being presented by The Musical Poetress. With the explosive mix between this empowering beat and the powerful vocals the artists executes, this composition is beautiful on multiple elements and successful in the ideas it communicates of being a strong and fearless woman. Hence, she is the Daredevil.

It is evident as to why she is being titled as the “Modern Day Maya Angelou”, her talent and style as a poet grabs you from the first moments you start listening to this truly inspiring artist. Her legacy will definitely be recognized, and Daredevil will be a song in her discography that will impact positively those who listen to it.

Listen to the track Daredevil (Link Ready After 2/14/18)

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