Incentive La Marvellous Releases Fresh New Hit "Do What Your Born To Do"

Candian based singer-songwriter Incentive La Marvellous, has released a fresh sounding new track titled, Do What Your Born To Do. A creative twist on modern rap, bursting with meaning and uniqueness.

Incentive La Marvellous specializes in Hip-Hop vocals. Incentive La Marvellous, however, takes a creative turn away from stereotypical rap and takes on a unique melodic flow. This results in a dynamic and creative composition for the singer-songwriter. And that's just the verses.

The hook on this track shares both inspiration to the listener, and a catchy takeaway from the song. The passionate artist told us, "’I've since redone the hook to represent the inevitably positive outcomes we can achieve by sticking with our dreams regardless of the many obstacles we shall experience along the way!"

The moral of this well-composed track is simply the title of the track. To do what you were born to do and stick to your dreams, regardless of the obstacles along the way. Incentive La Marvellous has evidently done a great job of precisely portraying this message in the track, and now it's up to you, the audience, to listen to this one of a kind track, and experience the new wave of hip-hop.

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