Hellagreeno Releases A New Mixtape "Cloudy Chronicles 2: The Smokers Revenge"

Cloudy Rhymes Entertainment and GYS Entertainment present Hellagreeno's new mixtape, Cloudy Chronicles 2: The Smokers Revenge.

The mixtape starts off with a bang. Cloudy Service Announcement. The dynamic flow, adds personality and strength to the track.

The following track has a faster flow then the previous track. Storm In The Rain, is the fine mix between fast verses and an emotion filled hook. A perfect addition to the mixtape.

Nah Never jumps straight into the first verse, and the gangster lifestyle of Hellagreeno is expressed in this track. He also expresses a political view in this track.

No Eyez is also a catchy addition to the mixtape, which is a dope track which really expresses Hellagreeno's emotions.

This mixtape is quickly gaining popularity and overall, is a great composition. You can listen for free here.