J Bando Releases Another Track "Blue Berry Island"

J Bando has released yet another track titled "Blue Berry Island"!

This track has the holiday/island vibes to it. The chill beat along with the drums and kicks makes for a swaggy beat.

The vocals as well are as per usual, chill. J Bando's vocals seems to work with any beat he composes whih as an artist, is a great asset and trait to have. The overall compositon is amazing. It's short to listen to with a runtime of 2:22, but it encapsulates all the vibes neccesary for a great composition.

This track also spreads the positive message J Bando sets out to do as an artist and you can listen to this overwhelmingly positive track here:

Can't see the Youtube Player? Click Here

J Bando is one of the most hardworking artist I've come across at Fresh Out Of The Booth. He has released near to 700 songs in his discography which is purely outstanding.