J Bando's New Freestyle "12,000,000 Clips"

J Bando is no stranger to Fresh Out Of The Booth. We have a lot of respect and admiration for this artist as he grinds out tracks and spreads the positive mindset with his audience on the daily. There will also be a follow up article today with a newer track.

He has released a new track titled 12,000,000 Clips, which is a freestyle.

The track is accompanied by a music video which shows an extremely fun music festival with millennials grooving to some music.

The track itself is an amazing performance by J Bando, especially as a freestyle. The forever changing flow keeps the audience at the edge of their seats and not knowing what to expect next.

This lyrical talent is always working on new tracks and spreading the message of positive thinking, and is an admirable trait and work ethic about the artist.

You can watch the video here:

Can't see the Youtube video? Click Here