Paradame Releases New Album "Aye! Priori"

The highly anticipated album Aye! Priori has just dropped from Paradame. The album dropped hours ago, and this refreshing sound is one you must hear.

Paradame is back again with her highly anticipated album, Aye! Priori. Not one to follow the commercial pace, she experiments with different sounds and styles that could be described as bass thumping, deeply melodic and other worldly, mixing dark electronica, hip hop and R&B. Aye! Priori perfectly combines spiritual elements displaying Paradame’s journey through self-reflection while showcasing her “you ain’t got ish on me” poignant flows.

Paradame's bass thumping sounds and electric feel adds emphasizes into her tracks and amplifies her character as an artist.

The intro song Hurricane, has a strong hip-hop influence to it and sends a strong message to the listener as it opens up the album. She dynamically switches between the rap to a more melodic flow, which creates for a dynamic and unique composition.

Break This is also another beautifully composed track filled with dynamics. Paradame's vocal ability really wows this listener in this track. The track also engages the listener to a certain extent where you want to just keep listening.

Ursula is a bass thumping and atmospheric experience that the listener can lose themselves to. The beautifully composed track is changing and dynamic through the track.

Mac Uno is also featured in the following hard hitting track, Don't Ask Why. The track has a large amount of swag and can really get the crowd on its feed and grooving to this no fks given attitude based track.

The album then completes with the track, A Thin Line. This track concludes the track perfectly and truly completes the album.

The album overall is a composed piece of greatness, this album deserves your listen right away. Listen to the highly anticipated album here:

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