Savannah Philyaw Releases New Track "Can't Avoid A Dream"

Savannah Philyaw has released a refreshing new track Can't Avoid A Dream.

"Can't Avoid A Dream" is an acoustic-pop travel tune about pursuing your passion. It is a reminder that it can be challenging to live a life filled with purpose when we are not spending our time doing what we feel we are meant to.

Savanah being the influential and powerful singer-song writer she is perfectly executes this track and the clarity in her voice makes it clear for the ideas and themes she explores. Savanah is full of potential and this composition is a beautiful piece about pursuing your passion. Savannah Philyaw is a young singer, songwriter, and performer from San Diego who writes a blend of acoustic-pop, folk, americana, and country style songs. This track, produced by Joel Piper, captures the desire of following the dream in our hearts and living out our passions.

You can listen to the track here:

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