Apollo ParX Releases New Mixtape "In Case Tomorrow Never Comes"

Apollo ParX has released a nine track long mixtape, In Case Tomorrow Never Comes, seamlessly encapsulating the first meeting and the downfall of a past relationship. A personal reflection from this artist, composed well into a in depth project.

The first track, Be The 1, starts the mood for the mixtape and sets the scene for to portrayed narrative within the mixtape. The second track, ME&U, however, juxtaposes the first track and the ideas perceived in it, and raises issues in the relationship. This track adds realness and dynamicness to the track, to add to the idea the the relationship portrayed in the narrative has its issues.

Monachopsis starts off with a band and effectively captures the listener's attention. It has an uptempo beat but the lyrical themes are deeper then you first perceive.

Dn'y F**k Wit You is a hard hitting track and adds the much needed straight up raw and angry emotion to the project. The addition of this track adds yet another perspective and emotion to the track which really completes the project. Talk My Shit continues that raw emotion and emphasizes the emotion in the project.

What You Are takes a change of pace from the past two tracks and creates yet another emotion and keeps the narrative flowing and dynamic. I especially appreciate the vocal style executed in this compostion, it's softer then the previous tracks and feels even more emotional. No Time To Waste also carries this style but is a lot more upbeat.

Had To Be You really wraps up the mix-tape's narrative and is a beautiful piece to listen to. I strongly recommend you experience this masterpiece composed by Apollo ParX, It is honestly more then a mixtape.

Listen Here - https://soundcloud.com/apolloparx/sets/in-case-tomorrow-never-comes-mixtape