Kitson Lau Has Released A New Dance Single "Be By Your Side"

EDM-Pop artist Kitson Lau has released a new track on his YouTube channel titled, Be By Your Side.

Be By Your Side is a sentimental pop track with a catchy melody tells of two people in love giving inspiration to each other. Where love conquers all, there will be motivation to live on. Where there is a love, there is a hope to live as if in paradise.

Kitson Lau, a medical graduate was inspired by Alan Walker, whom initially had no musical background, however he later learned to produce songs. Still fresh in the music industry and having topped the China Kanjian ING 10 Charts with his previous Mandopop albums, Be By Your Side is Kitson Lau’s first English pop debut.

Be By Your Side will be a song of inspiration for couples to appreciate each other and live to the fullest in their life in this dynamic world of hustle and bustle.

As of today, while continuing his pursue in medical profession, Kitson Lau is also musician, songwriter, singer and graphic designer. Rather than performing in public events, Kitson Lau is a type of musician who prefers to broadcast his music and shares his inspiration to the world. He derives great satisfaction when his music is being shared and enjoyed by people. Kitson Lau sees music as a source of inspiration and relaxation for people to carry on living in this world. For him, life without music is boring! If you listen to his songs, you can really appreciate that he puts his heart and soul into the mix.

You can listen to the track here:

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