Andre Blaack Releases New Track "I Still Feel You" Feat. Caleb Allen

Andre Blaack has released a new single, I Still Feel You featuring Caleb Allen. The track is featured on the artist's latest album No Genre.

The track has a strong vocal dynamic range, the mix of the rap verse and the beautifully sung chorous makes for an outstanding and phenomnal composition.

Andre says this about the track, "When life gets tough and the things you use to tolerate in a relationship will no longer be tolerated its time to let go. Only problem is if you leave then you have no where to go because no one else will ever know the things that you two know about each other. And even when you're far away from each other you can relate to the statement" I still feel you."

The accompanied music video best helps assist the theme and ideas behind this composition. You can view it here: