Chlo Subia Releases New Track "Tired"

Singer, Chlo Subia is releasing her haunting song “Tired” this Friday. Melancholy chords, somber strings and an impressive Gospel choir featuring vocals from The Voice’s own Stevie Mackey, aid Chlo in painting her picture of draining love.

The song is slow and full of emotion. Its emotional vocals and piano truly brings a tear to the eye. It is evident that Chlo has put all her dedication and emotion into this track to really showcase her abilities as a musician, and her emotions as a person. “It’s a song I wrote with a little broken heart,” confesses Chlo. "It's a pretty vulnerable song where I was super honest about my feelings of being hurt and confused. Even at the end of a relationship, you can love someone so much but their actions speak louder than words. There's only so much effort you can keep putting in. I think lots of people can relate to that.” “Tired” was produced and co-written by frequent collaborator and 2x Grammy nominated producer/songwriter Druski whose credits include Zendaya, Tori Kelly, Nick Jonas and Teyana Taylor to name a few.

You can listen to Tired here: