Hatchatorium Releases New Album "Circus Of Hell"

Hatchatorium have released an intriguing and well composed album, Circus Of Hell. This 8 track long album has elements of interesting themes that'll leave you wanting to hear more and more from this talented artist.

Doug Bond is talented in all aspects of his music. He frequently collaborates with other musicians too. His hard work and dedication to music is evident through the entire album. Tracks such as Circus Of Hell, I Want You To Die and The One really stand out to the audience and best demonstrates exactly how talented this upcoming star is and the many techniques he is capable of.

Hatchatorium has also received an immense amount of publicity on his discography. His third track on the album, I Want You To Die, is being played in heavy rotation on BMS Radio Chicago and charting in their Top 25, as well as being played at over 100 clubs by DJs from NYC to LA.

Doug Bond is going on tour with Hatchatorium this Summer to support the Circus Of Hell album.

You must listen to what Hatchatorium has to offer, you can listen here:

You can visit their website here: https://hatchatorium.hearnow.com/circus-of-hell