Visual Visions Releases New Album "Encoded Files: Xcapade"

Visual Visions has released a jam-packed new dance album, Encoded Files: Xcapade, this one of a kind album excites us due to its long set-list, multiple featured artist and overall production quality.

This is Visual Vision's latest album. The deluxe edition features high profile artists such as Ingrid Alcalde, Geriel, Adam, Anna Belle and DJ JabbaThakut.

We are thankful that Visual Vision's record label Synchronized Noise published this work of art. The album has so much to offer and is rich in its content.

The opening track, Heels and Dresses II captures the audience's attention with is extraordinary multi-layered sounds. The track, just like all the other tracks on the album, has been mastered to perfection, to create a great overall finishing product. I esspecialy like the instrumental of Heels and Dresses II, I believe this composition lets you have an insight and reflect on what the album will be consisting of.

The album is filled with swift transitions to keep the vibe thumping and the atmosphere upbeat and pumping. Tracks such as Runner, Connected, Downside and Glow all help contribute to this album. All track on this album are simply put, beautiful, and narrate a narrative that is up to the listener's imagination and creativity.

I highly recommend this album to anybody, all aspects of this composition has been carefully selected to showcase Visual Visions true potential and talent as an artist.

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