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January 6, 2020

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Rossemberg Maza Releases New Track "Cake Eat It Too"

March 8, 2018

Rossemberg Maza fuses EDM, R&B, pop, hip-hop and rock to create an infectious sound salacious alter-ego run wild. A Bad Guy is his forthcoming album.The album is a culmination of Rossemberg’s journey, returning him to his multi-instrumentalist roots as he revisits his love for R&B, playing guitar, drums, and piano.

His second single “Eat it Too (Cake)” in his own words refers to “Coming clean. Seeing as this is the "Bad Guy" album I believe this song is the pinnacle of being honest with yourself.”

His experiences are deep - he speaks six languages, and lives in both Mexico and the UK and this track expresses a blend of both countries.


This track is superb in its fusion of different genres and you will find you demanding more tracks and compositions from this highly talented artist.

Over ten different nationalities were involved in the making of the album and it was written all over the world. ‘A Bad Guy’ is of exceptional sonic quality too. Most of it was recorded live and worked on by the music industry’s elite – like Grammy-nominated engineer Johannes Raassina (Justin Bieber, Fergie) and Grammy-winning mix engineer Dave Pensado (Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson). It was recorded in Hollywood at EastWest Studio and mastered by Alex Wharton (Paul McCartney, Radiohead, Pixies and countless others)

Listen to the track here:


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