Maverick Gaither - Artist Spotlight

Maverick Gaither has released three new tracks, Gratitude , Be My Music and No One But You. These three magical compositions best showcases Maverick's talents as a rapidly growing artist in the ever growing music industry.


This single has a flirtatious tone, that really gets the audience in the intended mood. The easy listening patterns and vocals make the experience vivid and enjoyable.

Be My Music

Be My Music is from the self titled album, Be My Music. Similar to the previous track, Be My Music explores the heavenly and calm RnB vocals. The track continues the flirtatious theme from the artist, and finds an innovative way to communicate his feelings through song and saxophone solos.

No One But You

Also from the Be My Music album is the track, No One But You. This track amplifies a flirtatious and loving theme to the discography.