Danjul Has Released A New EP "Origin of Times"

Danjul has released a new 8-track EP, Origin Of Times.

The considered Pop genre EP, starts of slow and intriguing, when the beat drops, you are instantly drawn into the EP and you lose yourself to the following compositions. City Of Chaos is a destructive track that is hard pop and is accompanied by blissful vocals.

The track is then followed by Chapter Of Love, another fundamental addition to the successful EP. This track showcases Danjul's vocal ability extremely well.

Chapter Of Love, is also accompanied by a vivid and creative music video with breathtaking visuals that you need to watch in order to immerse yourself into the creative mind of Danjul. Watch Here:

Tracks such as The Path, Story Of She, Magic Carpet & Tower all add to the immersion and narrative of the EP. In fact, every single track has been well executed and play a major role in contributing to this outstanding, one of a kind EP.

You can listen to the EP here:


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