What if the greatest of all time was never heard?

SUMiT is set to release his new album, The Knew.

Listening to The Knew is entering into a world without space or time, where the economy is sustained by love and hate, rhythm and blues. There is no fame, and the only successes are the ones achieved by being present in every wakening moment, and renewed in every lasting memory.

We got an exclusive listen of the track and we here at Fresh Out Of The Booth are extremely excited for the upcoming album. The tracks are upbeat and sometimes bass heavy which we love. We are extremely keen on the track Kryptonite. Do not pass out on this artist, he deserves your listen and full attention.

The unprocessed vocals create a raw sound with first hand clarity. There is an immense amount of enjoyment and satisfaction when listening to the pristine and perfected composition. In all honesty, its been a while since we've come across an album which is simply put, perfect in all aspects of its compositon. This album is one of a kind and we can't wait to hear what you think about this masterpiece.