Indie Country Star Luanne Hunt Releases Electrifying New Single

Apple Valley, CA -- Still basking in the glow of the success of her hit holiday tune, “Christmas Without You” (Patsy Cline’s Lost Christmas Song.”), Indie country star Luanne Hunt delivers an exciting, new duet with singer/songwriter Steven Bankey titled “Lightning In A Bottle.”

The song, which was written by Hunt, Bankey and Hunt’s husband, Steve, offers a fresh take on the traditional sounds of country music, adding in elements of contemporary country, blues and even surf rock.

“As a singer, songwriter and music producer, it is always my goal to create music that’s unique and has my own, personal stamp,” said Hunt, whose songs have topped country music charts around the globe. “There’s enough copy-cat stuff out there and I stray far away from that.

The composition is strong in spirit and the beautiful collaboration between Luanne and steven add a whole new element and layer of emotion to the track. This track is most defintly worth checking out and you can do so here:

“In regards to ‘Lightning In A Bottle,’ my mindset on the production was to create a real listening experience by focusing on the whole of the production instead of individual elements. For instance, I told my backup singers that if someone listens to the song for the first time and is thinking about whether or not they like the singing voices of the artists, I haven’t done my job.

“It’s all about the listener being blissfully swept away on a three-and-a-half-minute journey.”

Hunt and Bankey met in 2016 when Hunt hired the Sioux City, Iowa resident to back her up on guitar at the annual National Old Time Music Festival in Le Mars, Iowa. One thing led to another and they sat down for a co-writing session on “Lightning In A Bottle,” which Hunt’s husband had already started to write days before.

Bankey said he was amazed at how well he clicked with Luanne and Steve and couldn’t be more happier with the result of their collaboration.

“It is always exciting to collaborate with other musicians,” said Bankey, who has been a mainstay on the Iowa music scene for over a decade, playing in clubs with numerous bands. “Working with Luanne, we dove deeper into traditional country music than I ever had before and I am pleased with the result.

“I think this song has big potential to span other genres and age groups. Also, traditional country seems to be heading back toward the mainstream, so I think ‘Lightning In A Bottle’ is very timely.”

Throughout her illustrious career, Hunt has built an impressive list of accomplishments. She is best known for her chart-topping single, “Christmas Without You,” which was recently named by Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, one of the top 25 Christmas songs of all-time

The Apple Valley, CA resident, who was recently inducted into the Independent Superstars Country Music Hall of Fame in South Africa, also is a three-time American Songwriting Awards winner. In addition, two of her songs landed on the 2009 Grammy ballot.

Hunt’s studio musicians have played with everyone from the Righteous Brothers and Kenny Loggins to John Michael Montgomery and Ricky Skaggs.