Artist Spotlight - R3LL

Over the years, R3ll has attracted a large underground following while known as SteZie Wonder. He was then convinced to go mainstream after meeting producer and master mixer Derek “Deerock” Sample. While Deerock was pulling R3ll’s truck out of a deep snow bank in Mammoth Lakes, CA, they were struck by how much they had in common and the conversation turned to music industry strategies and beats. A year or so later, the results are pure musical wizardry that is already attracting critical acclaim throughout the industry and captivating fans around the globe. Their music is fascinating and intelligent, while also raw and emotional. Now with the incredible beat maker Jack Panda added to the mix, anything’s possible. I know these guys can’t wait to share their music with the rest of the world because the experience will be mind blowing!

We have been fortunate enough to listen to this taltned artist, and here's out take on three tracks he has created. The tracks are Hello Again, Ride and Soulfly.

Home Again

This track has a catchy hook and a really engaging beat with a outstanding build up. This and the vocal delivery by the extremely talented artist make for a great musical composition.


Ride also demonstrates an outstanding and unique vocals style and flow that truly engages the audience. We especially enjoy ride and the elements (such as the siren) that add to the uniqueness of the composition.


Soulfly takes a more lofi approach, and the consistent vocals and flow create for an interesting composition that really does engage the audience, line by line as it is delivered. Props to the producer on all the track as well, for his unique touch and personal input on the tracks that make them stand out from the usual hip hop song.

More at IG: @rellyr3ll, @dereksample