Jacob Cook Releases New Track "It'll Be Fine"

Jacob Cook has released a brand new track titled, It'll Be Fine. The new track can be found on his YouTube channel.

The track is emotionally heartbreaking, yet beautiful thanks to the composer's lyrical ability and softly played guitar. This track is definitely worth checking out.

"The song is for couples in a long distance relationship and how hard it is having to say goodbye to each other after having such an amazing time. I made the song for my girlfriend so that she could stay positive and hopeful when we are apart." - Jacob Cook

The track is beautiful, and each second of the track, has been composed with care and precision from the artist who most definitely has a great career ahead of him in the music industry. His hard work, dedication and passion for music is evident in this piece, and as he pursues music, his voice is becoming more recognized within the independent music community.

Jacob Cook's music is often found as calming and relaxing, yet it can present some very sad feels and ideas (like heartbreak) Jacob Cook however has mastered this aspect of music and makes his tracks with respect and care, and all of his compositions are simply put, beautiful.

This is definitely an artist you want to keep an eye out for in the future, Jacob Cook is going places, and he is getting there quickly.