LEONxFLEIM Released A New Single "Amazing"

Two Norway teenagers, Endre and Chris, have decided to collaborate on a single titled, Amazing.

Endre is the producer and co-songwriter, and Chris is the vocalist and songwriter on this amazing single. The track is their debut single as a duo.

The production of the track is beyond radio standards. Every aspect of the track sounds beautiful and delicate and really makes the composition unique sounding. We crave tracks that sound different and catch the audience's attention and this track definitely does that for me.

The track has an element of ambience to it and is fused with some complex hi hats and kick and snare to give the beat that inspire hip hop element but with an RnB vocal style. The tracks cross between hip hop and RnB style is an uprising genre in contemporary music society, and LeonXFleim have composed a track that does this extremely well.

In addition to the perfect produced track crafted by Endre, Chris has added is own personality and likeness to the track with his careful selection of lyrics in song writing and his perfect execution in delivering these lines in the track.

The duo is a match made in heaven and this is evident when you listen to the composed track and how both artists seamlessly work together to create a beautiful sounding track. We are extremly appreciative of this duo and are looking forward to more projects like Amazing.

This is definitely a track you want to check out and you can do so here: