Ogre Man Has Released A New Mixtape "Unhappy Gilmore 3.5"

Ogre Man has released a refreshed version of the Unhappy Gilmore trilogy which is 14 tracks long and features various artists.

The album is Ogre Man's comeback to rap. Has has been rapping for several years and this is a strong return to the rap game for this hard artist.

His sick and twisted flow comes as unique and nothing like you've heard on the radio. However, this MC does show a more romantic and flirtatious side which is executed well in some of his slower tracks.

Ogre is an MC of the independent music group, Dallas Zu. The group was formed back in 2004 in the rappers hometown of Dallas.

This dynamic mixtape is executed and composed so well, each track captures the audience's attention and has them listening till the very end and wanting more from this extraordinary talent.

We love each and every track on the album, from the intro to the final track, Gun Powder. All the features fit well with each track and we believe all our hip-hop heads will enjoy this mixtape too. So check it out here: