Justin Smith Releases New Mixtape "Mr Steal Your Beat Vol. 1"

Justin Smith has released an 11 track mixtape that takes on already made beats, and puts his twist, faster flow and new messages on the track to create a completely new composition.

After the intro which samples a few of the upcoming tracks, we jump into the first track, I Mean It, which was taken from G-Eazy's track, I Mean It. The track has Justin's own twist and a faster rap flow and tempo that excites the listener. This track is especially enjoyable and a great start to the highly energetic mixtape.

It then smoothly transitions into the next track, Bake Sale. Which was taken from Wiz Khalifa's track. The track is energetic and showcases a unique flow. Justin then enters back into the track with even more energy to keep the momentum.

The next track increases in energy has Justin takes on future's , F*** Up Some Commas in his track , Commas. This track is full of passion and rapping stamina. Justin really showcases his talent in this track to an extraordinary level.

The next track is taken from Tyga's Molly. Something I really like about this track is the fast flow showcased in the very first intro and verse. It really captures the listeners attention and its not a mumble rap style, you can understand everything.

The next track takes it a little slower in, Listen To Your Heart. The track has a old-school Eminem vibe to it, and is a perfect fit and intermission in the mixtape.

A classic track, How Long Will They Mourn Me, which is a commemoration track to 2pac. This old school track has darker themes and is executed very well by Justin.

The next track takes on 2 Chainz, I'm Different. There is an anger tone found in this track which is a nice mix to the mixtape so all emotions are explored in the body of work.

Followed by I''m Different, is the slower paced track, In My Feelings. The track's beat is slow but Justin Smith maintains his faster flow to had his personal twist on the track and create a great composition.

The second last track on the mixtape is Oh Lets Do It. The track gets the audience hype thanks to the build up and the delivery of rhymes and flow. This is a really great track that can sum up the mix tape's values and positives.

The final track is If I Die Young, which is a triumphant end to the great track. The track is a tribute to all of those who had died due to addiction. It is a track that is full of emotion and past experience. This track is special to Justin and his audience and I recommend everybody listen to this track.

All up, this mixtape is flawless. The flow, the take on beats, the rhymes, everything just works. Listen here -