John Jay Artists Spotlight

Justin Joseph Arrington is an American rapper better known by his stage name John Jay. Born and raised in Houston Texas, John Jay is the youngest of 5 children. His father is a high school Algebra teacher and his mother is a stand up Comedian.

John Jay developed a taste for music after witnessing his mother on stage for the first time at the age of 12. He became fascinated with the songs the DJ Played as she walked on and off the stage. His parents exposed him to a diverse array of subjects and taught him to how to express his creativity, which was highly encouraged in his household. John Jay began writing rhymes upon hearing Nas's 1994 album and this is when the dream began – to be an internationally known musician. Fourteen years later, he has never given up on his passion. John Jay received his Bachelors degree in Mass Communication from Prairie View A&M University. He moved to Atlanta, to purse a career in television production and broadcasting at CNN and is currently recording and producing new music. His new EP is due out in 2018.