Rossemberg Maza Releases A New Album "A Bad Guy"

Rossemberg Maza has released a thirteen track album titled A Bad Guy.

For pop artist Rossemberg Maza, a fling away from EDM, messing with R&B, pop, hip-hop, and rock while letting his salacious alter ego run free led to the thrilling album, A Bad Guy. But for the album of a lifetime, what was the cost on his soul—will this be Rossemberg’s swansong release? The album represents an art for art’s sake story of total abandon and immersion.

The album starts with the self titled track A Bad Guy, with a triumphant and exciting intro that immediately draws in the listener. The mixed genre artist utilizes his skills and talents to max extents in this track and it is so effective.

The album then takes a quick slow in tempo, but is quickly brought back in the following track, My Secret. The voice behind Rossemberg Maza is phenomenal and executed so well.

A track that especially stands out is Eat It Too (Cake) which prior to the release of the album, was a single for the artist. The deep bass and RnB vocals create a great and fun listening experience. You can most definitely hear the passion within Rossemberg's vocals.

Burn Tonight is another great track that is heavily melodic and is executed very well. Each track is a perfect addition to the album.

When we reached out to Rossemberg for his reflection on the album, he told us; “The idea for the album comes from when I was going through some relationship difficulties,” shares Rossemberg, who divides his time between London and Cancun. “I thought to myself ‘What if I run with the concept of being a bad guy?’” .

That epiphany was almost as if a door slightly opened, and Rossemberg gleefully slipped through, embracing an alternate universe where he could leave the trappings of genre concerns and conventional morality. He created a devil’s den with his 13-song sophomore album, A Bad Guy, which winds through lurid tales of romance, dirty secrets, and moments of pure soulful vulnerability in a well executed manner.